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about library

The Library was established concurrent with the university in 1991 with the prospect of providing information and resources to supplement the diverse academic disciplines and serve the educational learning process to meet the requirements of university students and faculty members and researchers. The Library provides information services from various sources of books including periodicals and electronic sources.

It also provides counseling services and loan booking, in addition to photocopying and ongoing briefing of current knowledge.

Paper holding of the library consist of approximately (98,000) address from Arabic and foreign language books, equivalent to more than (66,000) books and (201) Arab and foreign paper periodicals and electronic journals, as the Library subscribes to EBSCO base of e-books in English, as well as EBSCO base of electronic journals in English, in addition to the Scifinder database that covers the latest developments in Chemistry.
The Library also includes a good range of paperless (audio and video: videos and cassette tapes, CDs, Floppies, DVDs) which are the nucleus for the establishment of Multimedia Center.

The Library of Isra University is a standard pivotal one based on the academic community service in the broad geographic scope to which it belongs

The Library’s mission is to Support the educational process and to assist scientific research, through providing access to sources of information and different types of forms for members of the university community.

1- The library strives to be equipped with the latest technological techniques in terms of electronic databases, security systems, electronic loan systems, computerized tomography to be ready for scientific research and for beneficiaries.
2- The library also strives to work on the development of staff career through training courses in the field of libraries and information.
3- The library strives to strengthen scientific research in order to serve the goals and aspirations of the university.
4- The library tries to hold all paper theses discussed in the university and to electronically avail them to the beneficiates.


Library Building:
The library building is designed according to the latest designs used for university libraries. It has been taken into account that the building be at the centre of the university, where the good ventilation and adequate lighting are available (natural and fluorescent), in addition to securing central air conditioning and refrigeration taking , into account all public safety requirements of firefighting equipment systems including alarms and fire extinguishers.
The library building consists of a three-storey building, as follows:

1. First Floor:
It includes the Indexing and Classification Department, the Supply Department, the Electronic Data Bases and Computing Department, the Loan & Returns Department, Archieves, Family and Child Library, Conference room, Collective Reading Rooms, in addition to offices of the Library management.

2. Second Floor:
It houses Periodicals Hall, and the Hall of Arabic and English Books on Humanities.

3. Third Floor:
The building houses References and Theses Rooms, and the Room of Arabic and English Theoretical and Applied Sciences Books, in addition to the Reading Room.
Furniture and fixtures:

The library was equipped with all accessories necessary and appropriate for students and staff furniture according to the latest specifications and standards accepted locally and internationally to enable the Library to fulfill its mission and properly provide services to the beneficiaries, where it has provided books and periodicals and reference shelves, tables for reading and retreats (individual and collective), comfortable seats, and a hall equipped with the latest computer devices for the purposes of scientific research and the use of electronic databases.

Opening Hours at the Library:
Official working days: From 8:00-4:00 pm


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