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The Library of Isra University

The Library was established concurrent with the university in 1991 with the prospect of providing information and resources to supplement the diverse academic disciplines and serve the educational learning process to meet the requirements of university students and faculty members and researchers. The Library provides information services from various sources of books including periodicals and electronic sources. It also provides counseling services and loan booking, in addition to photocopying and ongoing briefing of current knowledge.

Paper holding of the library consist of approximately (98,000) address from Arabic and foreign language books, equivalent to more than (66,000) books and (201) Arab and foreign paper periodicals and electronic journals, as the Library subscribes to EBSCO base of e-books in English, as well as EBSCO base of electronic journals in English, in addition to the Scifinder database that covers the latest developments in Chemistry.

The Library also includes a good range of paperless (audio and video: videos and cassette tapes, CDs, Floppies, DVDs) which are the nucleus for the establishment of Multimedia Center.

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